Peer Reviewed

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    This publication was elected 2016 EJournal by the editorial committee.

  • Savvidou, P. (2014, October/November). “In Search of the ‘Perfect’ Musical Performance.” American Music Teacher, Vol. 62, Issue 2.
    This publication was elected 2015 American Music Teacher Article of the Year by the AMT editorial committee.

Conference Proceedings

  • Li, M., P. Savvidou, M. Skubic, B. Willis (2014, August). “Using the Kinect to Detect Potentially Harmful Hand Postures in Pianists.” Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Conference in Engineering Medicine and Biology (IEEE EMBC'14) Conference Proceedings.

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Invited Publications

  • Savvidou, P. (2015, December). “MTNA Collegiate Membership: Building Community through Experiential Learning Opportunities.” Missouri Music Teacher Association NOTES.

  • Savvidou, P. (2014, Spring). “Mindful or Mind full? Focusing the Mind for More Effective Practicing.” Missouri Music Teachers Association NOTES.

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