Welcome to my piano studio page! What makes my studio unique is that in addition to offering traditional piano lessons, I also offer an integrated approach to music-making that combines piano and Yoga to foster enhanced expressivity through the development of a healthy piano technique. I offer traditional piano lessons and a group piano class that integrates Yoga (Kids Yoga & Piano) and a new Parent Child Piano Class.  Keep reading for more information!

Private Piano Lessons

I offer private lessons to students of all ages (including adults) and levels. Private instruction is individualized based on each student’s needs, interests, and goals. My approach is holistic incorporating repertoire, technique, sight-reading, ear-training, improvisation, theory and composition. I also incorporate yoga-based activities as a way for the student to learn about piano posture through breathing, stretching and poses.

My former pre-collegiate students while living in Columbia, MO, ranged from ages 6 to 80! Some of my students thrived when challenged in competition settings. In the past few years my students received Superior ratings at competitive events such as the Missouri Music Teachers Association, the Women’s League Piano Showcase, Federation of Music Clubs, and received first prizes at the Creating Original Music Project composition competition. Click here to read student and parent testimonials and to read about my wonderful students' successes!

Parent-Child Piano Lessons

Parent/guardian and child learn how to play piano together in a non-stressful and fun environment. Students generally sit next to each other on one instrument. The primary focus is on the child, with the parent providing support while developing his/her own skills. Activities include learning repertoire, playing duets, improvising, theory and ear-training games, and yoga-inspired exercises.

Parent-Child lessons are either 30- or 45-minutes long.

Benefits of Parent-Child Class:

  • Enjoy making music together

  • Develop fundamental piano-playing skills

  • Explore your and your child's creative self

  • Acquire a life-long hobby

  • Spend time learning piano together and practicing at home

Partner Lessons

Partner lessons are offered to beginning piano students who are similar in age. Each week students learn a different musical skill through a combination of repertoire, duets, theory and ear-training games, technique, yoga-based activities, and at-the piano improvisation. During the yoga component of the lesson they learn about breathing, stretching, poses and develop their own ways of expressing. These skills then transfer to piano playing through developing an understanding of posture and healthful technique. Fundamentals of piano playing such as note reading, rhythm, dynamics, and coordination, are taught within a creative, playful, and immersive context.

Partner lessons are either 30- or 45-minutes long.

Benefits of partner lessons:

  • Improve gross and fine motor skills

  • Develop a strong sense of rhythm through partner activities

  • Learn fundamentals of music-making in a team environment

  • Learn duet repertoire

  • Collaborate with partner to problem-solve

  • Increase flexibility, strength and coordination

  • Tap into creativity through both music-making and yoga!


  1. If you are interested in lessons or classes, contact me by filling out the form available here, or by e-mail.

  2. We will set up a time for a sample lesson to see if we are a good fit to work together.

  3. If we are compatible, we’ll proceed with arranging tuition, schedule, etc.

  4. Have fun with lessons!


My studio is in my home located south of the County Farm Park off of Platt Road and near Whole Foods in Ann Arbor, MI. Please note that this is not a cat-free studio.

Contact: paolasavvidou@gmail.com