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At the Piano with Yoga

At the Piano with Yoga is a first-of-its-kind collection of student-teacher duets for the beginning pianist. Each piece is coupled with a yoga pose, and the collection is designed to progress sequentially alongside beginning method books. The intention of practicing the yoga poses in tandem with their companion pieces is to help the student develop physical awareness and mindfulness, which they may apply to practicing and performing music. Each piece in the book reflects the mood of its companion pose and aims to develop fundamental technical skills. As the student learns more poses, she may eventually choose to combine the poses into a sequence, beginning with mountain pose and ending with candle breath and use as a warm-up or cool-down routine before or after the lesson or at-home practice.

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Printed book - At the Piano with Yoga
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Bonus gift! With the purchase of At the Piano with Yoga (print or PDF) you get a bonus gift of instructions to three 30-second breaths that can easily be incorporated into the piano lesson! Link available on the order confirmation email you will receive in your inbox.

One-on-one Yoga & Piano training

Yoga & Piano training session

60 minute one-on-one session via Skype on how to incorporate yoga in the piano lesson.

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You are interested in incorporating yoga in the piano lesson, but not sure how to do it? One-on-one Skype training with Paola Savvidou is available! Learn techniques for teaching:

  • Breathing to calm the mind

  • Breathing to increase energy

  • Poses to improve posture and alignment

  • Stretching to improve muscle conditions and prevent injury

  • Fun yoga games to tap into your students' creative self

Sample repertoire and yoga pose

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Benefits of yoga in the piano lesson

  • Improved posture

  • Greater physical awareness

  • Using the breath to connect with the music

  • Reduce performance stress

  • Productive break during the lesson

  • Warm up the body and reduce the risk of injury

  • Teach body mechanics

  • Explore music in a creative way!

What other teachers are saying:

Congrats on this beautiful book!! The layout is clear, pictures are appealing, repertoire is very engaging, and it exudes positivity and mindfulness. I love that it fosters creativity through guided improvisation!
— Dr. Justin Krawitz, Assistant Professor of Piano Pedagogy, University of Northern Colorado
What a wonderful way to help young students develop kinesthetic awareness from their earliest encounters with the piano. Connecting musical gestures with yoga postures is brilliant and opens the door to embodied artistry and music-making. Brava!
— Dr. Jessica Johnson, Professor of Piano and Piano Pedagogy, University of Wisconsin-Madison


Thank you to the following teachers who piloted the book and gave us their valuable feedback:

Dr. Jessica Johnson
Dr. Justin Krawitz
Dina Savvidou
Margarita Garrett
Sarah Buckley
Gaye Thomas
Barbara Phipps-Sadu

And a HUGE thank you to the student-models who recorded the demo videos:

Drake Powell
Katherine Smith