My students' success is my top priority! I am lucky to have worked with talented students who are also wonderful human beings. I have watched them grow and have witnessed their success as performers, composers, researchers, and all-around students. 



"Dr. Savvidou taught me for two years at Mizzou, and I loved every minute of it. She challenged me while also giving me so much confidence in my playing. She taught me so much about playing piano with emotion, character, and bringing out my creative and artistic ability. She is also such a warm, kind person to talk to. I loved learning from her every week."
- Madeline, 20

"I was Dr. Savvidou's student for five years, and in those five years she enabled me to grow more as a pianist than I ever though possible!  She truly has a wealth of expertise about both piano and musicians' wellness, and is passionate about using this expertise to empower her students.  She also cares deeply about tuning into each student's individual interests and learning style in order to help them enjoy maximum growth as musicians.   Dr. Savvidou's teaching improved both my technique and musicality beyond measure... not to mention that every lesson was somehow just the right mixture of being fun, inspiring, and challenging!  I cannot recommend her highly enough!"
- Haley, 21

"Paola is a fantastic piano teacher. My son Judah has been very fortunate to study with her for 2.5 years, starting at age 9. He had been playing piano for 4 years. We went looking for a more serious and progressive teacher, and we were not disappointed! After Judah’s first lesson with Paola, I declared her to be the best piano teacher I had ever seen in action. I made a habit of observing Judah’s lessons from start to finish, and it was always a pleasure. The lessons were always focused and productive, but there was always plenty of fun and humor, too—which is crucially important for kids! She was always positive and encouraging, sifting out what was noteworthy in Judah’s progress, without turning the lesson into an exercise in vacuous “self-esteem building”. I loved the music she chose for Judah to learn, and her selections were appropriate to his skill level. Perhaps most importantly, she gave Judah composition assignments, and encouraged him to enter a composition competition for kids—which he won prizes in, with her guidance, for two years running! All in all, having her as Judah’s piano teacher was a wonderful experience for the whole family, and we miss her terribly."
- Sara, parent

Younger Students' Successes


My younger students (ages 6-15) have all repeatedly received top ratings in the following events:

  • Missouri Music Teachers Association District Auditions
  • Missouri Music Teachers Association State Auditions
  • National Federation of Music Clubs
  • Fall Piano Showcase presented by the Women's League in Columbia, MO

Judah Robbins Bernal won the Creating Original Composition Project in his category in 2016 for his composition "Sounds of Life" and received second prize in the same competition in 2015 for his composition "Broken Video Game."


"Even though I had only worked with Dr. Savvidou for a year, I felt like I had learned so much throughout our time working together. She is an absolutely wonderful teacher who is always enthusiastic and cheerful. No matter who she is teaching, what day of the week, or what time it is, she always makes an effort to give a good and informative lesson. Every time I leave her studio, I feel so accomplished and ready to practice.

I had such an educational experience with Dr. Savvidou. I enjoyed some challenges that I had when playing throughout my time with her. I feel that many of my goals were accomplished with Dr. Savvidou teaching me and I highly recommend her to teach anyone. She has such a positive mannerism when teaching. I really enjoyed looking back at the achievements and progress i've made with her."
- Priscilla, 15

"Paola is an exceptionally gifted teacher. My son studied with her for three years, and during that time he made great gains both in proficiency at the piano and general musicianship. One of the most striking things about Paola’s teaching is how she made learning music fun for him. She was always warm, enthusiastic, patient, and appreciative of his efforts, and the way she encouraged him to exercise his imagination while playing and composing was nothing short of inspiring. Her emphasis on both technical precision and musicality has made a world of difference to his playing, and thanks to her tutelage he is also now a budding composer. None of this development would have been possible without Paola’s remarkable pedagogical skill and dedication to the art and craft of teaching. I can’t speak highly enough of her."
- Philip, parent

"Paola is a great and accomplished piano teacher. She has a lot of experiences and enthusiasm to teach kids piano lessons. She started to teach my daughter’s piano lessons in a group class, and from that time we decided her being my daughter’s piano teacher. Paola likes to encourage and mentor her students to participate in state and national piano audition. That was a great experiences for my daughter. If your kids want to learn piano, Paola will be one of the best choices."
- Shengzhang, parent

College and Grad Student Successes

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